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    Family Doctor

    Emergency Contacts

    Parent Communication Information Sheet

    Telephone numbers of who you would like information related to:

    It is important for communication between the teacher and the parents whenever possible. Please keep us informed of any changes at home that may affect your child’s performance. We will also keep you informed.

    Confidential Information

    We greatly appreciate the answers to the following questions, as it will help in understanding and guiding your child.

    Parent Consent

    Parent consent for field trips:

    I hereby consent to have my child leave the premises of Highview Wilson Childcare Centre, from time to time, to participate in excursions to places of interest, planned as part of the children’s program. This includes walk through the neighbourhood and playground. Parents will be notified of field trips in advance.

    It is understood that the supervision will be provided by embers of the childcare centre and every precaution will be taken for the safety of my child. In the event of accident or injury, Highview Wilson Childcare Centre and staff members are hereby released from any liability.

    Medical Treatment

    While every possible effort will be made to reach parents in the event of medical emergency, we require your permission to authorize any doctor of a necessary treatment in the event of such an emergency.

    I hereby consent to medical treatment being given to my child, if at any time such treatment I necessary due to circumstances such as accident, sudden illness or emergency. Highview Wilson Childcare Centre and all staff members are hereby released from any liability due to circumstances and medical treatment received, as a result of such emergency.

    Photographic release permission

    I hereby consent and authorize Highview Wilson Childcare Centre to photograph my child for classroom and trip use only. I also consent to Early Childhood Education students and students in related fields to study to photograph my child in a group setting for the purpose of classroom assignments. Please check list below:

    • Custody arrangements: Please state specifics of custody arrangements and provide a copy of the legal agreement. We must have a copy of any court ordered custody agreement

    • Display photos in the Childcare Centre

    • Co-op Students to use for assignments hands and background only

    • Birthday Parties






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